Woman exchanges wedding vows with dead man


The vow “until death do us apart” does not exist in her vocabulary.

Jessica Padgett, a woman in the US  decided to exchange wedding vows with her dead groom at his grave. The groom, Kendall Murphy (27), was tragically killed in a car accident nine months before the wedding.

Jessica Padgett

Kendall was a volunteer firefighter from Montgomery, Indiana and had responded to a crash on a rural road.

His colleague, Colby Blake (26) was driving another fire engine and responding to the same emergency.

Just as Kendall was reaching in to his vehicle to get his protective clothing, he was hit by the fire engine Blake was driving and killed.

“I wanted to still celebrate our wedding day, even though he wasn’t physically there with me. I wanted memories of the day that we were supposed to have in my dress,” Jessica, 25, told the BBC.

But she decided not to cancel the big day. Instead, on 29 September, Jessica put on the white dress she’d chosen for their wedding and she gathered family and friends.

Having the wedding day is part of the healing process for Jessica and her family, she says.

The photographer the couple had originally booked for their wedding took the pictures and immediately went viral when  they were posted on Facebook by the photographer.