Man scalds wife in Kasungu


Police in Kasungu have arrested a 27 year old man for pouring boiling water on his wifeon Saturday at Kasalika in the same district.

Kasungu Police Station Public Relations Officer, Harry Namwaza, identified the suspect as Charles Mulewa and the victim as Caroline Sakala aged 26.

Namwaza said the suspect returned from his business place and did not find his wife at home.

Upon asking the children he learnt that she had gone to a nearby house to collect money and this angered him.

“When the victim returned home the suspect locked her inside the house and started beating her severely,” he explained.

After assaulting her for a while, the husband then took a pot full of hot water which the victim had put on fire to prepare nsima and poured the water on her body.

Some community members around the area who heard the loud cry of the victim rushed to the house to rescue her.

However, when the people got to the house they couldn’t hear the cry anymore from the house and getting suspicious they broke into the house where they found blood all over the floor of the bedroom.

After checking thoroughly, they found the victim wrapped in a duvet and hidden under a bed.

The well-wishers rushed with the victim to Kasungu District Hospital where she is battling for her life.

Meanwhile, the suspect has been charged with assault occasioning to actual bodily harm. Police say the charge may change.

Charles Mulewa comes from Mphuchira village, T/A Mabuka in Mulanje district.