Malawi-Gandhi must fall campaign taking shape


A campaign to block the erecting of a Mahatma Gandhi statue in Blantyre is gathering momentum with more people joining.

The Malawi Government through the Blantyre City Council granted permission to the Indian community in the country to erect a statue of their hero. The statue is to be placed at Ginnery corner in the commercial city.

Malawians opposing Ghandi’s statue

Malawians continue to speak out against the project, arguing it is an insult to the country`s heroes. People argue that Gand

hi who led India to freedom from Britain did not contribute anything to this nation hence not worth such an honour.

A forum has been created on social media platform, Facebook, in a bid to extend the voice of protest over the statue project.

More people are joining the campaign through the forum, where they are also expressing uniform views on the matter.

“If Indians are not ready to embrace Malawian citizenship and celebrate this country`s heroes, then they have to go back to their country of origin and honour Gandhi as best as they can,” said Malcom Mlotha

Despite the Blantyre Council announcing that the Indian government will bankroll the project, Malawians stress that their concern is not on the money.