Kanye West to complete album project in Africa

American singer, rapper, songwriter and producer Kanye West has revealed he is coming to Africa to finalise his album project having postponed its release date.

Kanye will visit Africa.
The album, Yandhi, was scheduled to drop last weekend only to coincide with the globally renowned artist`s birthday performance on Saturday. “I felt the roots. But we have to go to what is known as Africa,” said Kanye after the postponed released. However, West has not disclosed African countries where the remainder of the project will be set. This has left his fans from different countries in the continent praying they should be the ones to host the international star. Kanye`s wife Kim Kardashian revealed that after the African adventure, Yandhi will be unleashed on the 23rd of November. Is Malawi among the African countries on Kanye’s mind or only those with vibrant entertainment industries such as South Africa and Nigeria?