Floods leave Mzuzu residents destitute  

Heavy rains downpour has left hundreds of people in Mzuzu destitute after causing floods which have swept away different property.

The rains that have been falling continuously started on Monday night up to Tuesday leaving some families homeless especially those living along Chinga’mbo and Mzilawaingwe rivers.

Floods in Mzuzu.

In Ching’ambo several houses have been damaged due to the flooding of Ching’ambo River that feeds Lunyangwa River.

Josephy Mtonga, who is one of the victims, said his house is in ruins now and he cannot afford to raise money to build another one.

“I don’t know what to do and where to start, I cannot afford to raise some cash to build another shelter, anyway we can’t blame anyone because it is God’s nature,” said Mtonga.

Disaster management from Mzuzu City Council failed to comment and said they will come back later because the management team is already on the ground.

At the end of last year and early this year Mzuzu was also hit by floods that left hundreds of families homeless.


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  1. Sad. The Government must do something to the victims.

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