John Chisi wants alliance with DPP


…tells Malawians to respect Mutharika

Ahead of the tripartite election next year in May, Umodzi Party (UP) president, John Chisi, says he wants his party to join forces with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

John Chisi

John Chisi wants alliance with DPP.

He said this on Saturday, September 29 at Motel Paradise during the party’s convention where he was elected as the UP presidential candidate in the 2019 polls.

Chisi said UP shares several views with the ruling DPP in as far as developing this country is concerned hence he sees no problem in merging with the DPP.

He added that some of the developmental activities being done by the current government are also in the UP manifesto.

“You and I have a nation which we want to move forward and one of the things which move a nation forward is human resource, that’s why Umodzi Party talks about education for all. Now our friends who are in government are performing well on that, we admire that.

“Other people have done the job already and if they want us we are available to actually go and work with them such that the nation develops,” said Chisi.

He further said UP cannot work with the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) because of its past and what the party caused when it was in power.

During his speech, Chisi advised Malawians to stop insulting President Peter Mutharika so that the Malawi leader should focus on developing the country.