Electrical fault sparked Lake of Stars inferno – organisers 


Organisers of Lake of Stars festival have said that an electrical fault in one vehicle caused the fire that destroyed four vehicles on Saturday.

One of the organisers of the festival, Will Jameson, said this in a statement on Sunday.

The destroyed cars.

Jameson clarification contradicts earlier reports that have been circulating indicating that the fire was caused by one vehicle’s force of tyres when the driver tried to use force to drive out of the sand where it was stuck.

The official says after the fire caused by the electrical fault, the winds worsened the situation.

“A possible vehicle electrical fault caused a fire in the car park at Lake of Stars last night. High winds and simmering embers led to a secondary fire with four cars damaged in the accident,” he said.

Jameson added that other cars were moved as precaution and the area was securely cordoned.

Malawi Defence Force officers and Kabumba Hotel workers collaborated to contain the fire hence no person was injured during the incident.

Jameson in the statement expressed regret over the burnt cars.

“We are extremely sorry that this has happened to impact what has otherwise been a fantastic festival so far. Our thoughts are with those whose cars and possessions have been damaged,” Will Jameson said.

The festival began on Friday in Salima and ended yesterday.