Man in custody for killing his son

Police in Mzimba are keeping in custody Fanuel Gumbo, 51, for being suspected to have killed his son, Manuel Gumbo aged 30, at Manyamula in the district.

Mzimba Police deputy spokesperson, Catherine Solomba, said the incident happened on Wednesday, September 26, 2018.

“The two picked a quarrel after the father criticised his son of cattle rustle (stealing), a record allegedly he was well known for in the area,”

“The criticism did not please Manuel who started beating his father using a piece of wood. Later, the father grabbed the wood and hit his son in the head, Manuel fell down.

“Later in the day, Manuel was found lying dead in his house,” explained Solomba.

Postmortem conducted at Mzimba District Hospital indicated that death was caused due to head injuries secondary to assault.

Daniel Gumbo is expected to appear in court soon to answer the charges of murder.

Fanuel Gumbo, 51, hails from Thomas Chirwa Village in the area of Paramount Chief Mbelwa, in Mzimba district.



  1. Bamboyu ndolakwa inde poti mwana wamwalira after kumenyana,,, but it was self defence. And a son started a fight. Just let him go!!!!!!

  2. Any reasonable man could do that. First, he wanted to correct the bad behavior of the son, second he was defending himself.

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