Jay Jay Cee walks tall with sulingati enawa


Malawi`s music starlet, Jay Jay Cee, has become man of the moment with man of his song entitled Sulingati enawa selfishly occupying the airwaves.

Since the song was unleashed a few months ago, it has been one of the few tracks sounding louder in the media and public places.

Jay Jay Cee is enjoying the airwaves.

A day seldom passes without the ear capturing the tune. The lad has given it his all in the track with lyrics that show nothing but maturity. What do you expect when the best of lyrics meet good production?

Suli ngati enawa, meaning’you are not like others’ is a love song whose gist is one`s skepticism ahead of a new love relationship.

“I have heard the sweet talks before but still ended up heart broken, are you different from those who played with my heart?” the character asks the potential suitor in a vernacular language, Chichewa.

Suli ngati enawa was wonderfully produced in both audio and visual forms.

Meanwhile it is among the most downloaded songs on local music sites and one of the most viewed Malawian music videos on an international visuals` site YouTube.

The 2016 Urban Music Party (UMP) winner for best upcoming artist, has proved that he deserved the award.

Two years after the recognition, one can clearly notice his level of growth.

Here is an artist who was once synonymous with dancehall music but now showing the world how good he can be in Afro pop.