Chilima’s grandiosity unpresidential


Saulos Chilima, the VP and United Transformation Party’s (UTM) President, is incontestably the man of the moment. His debutant flair, orotund rhetoric and refreshing vigor are logical prerequisites for anyone who aspires to be the de facto political leader of the country. But how well-equipped Chilima really is for the Highest Office?

Pompous Pledges

United Transformation Movement

Chilima with Masangwi

Chilima has brought out of his armory the ‘big guns’, regarding various societal policies that the UTM is going to implement, if it gets in power next year. His Homeric manifesto is certainly not a humble or a moderate one. Chilima has promised more to Malawians than God promised to David. Chilima claims that he will create one million jobs within the first year of being in office; what he openly neglects to mention is how he will be able to deliver on his commitments within this timeframe. Instead he beats around the bush, taking a leaf from US President Donald Trump by contending that he has a functional blueprint that only he can understand…He occasionally comes up with flimsy arguments to buttress his oneiric pledges, in order to demonstrate the absence of naivete he so keenly exhibits. Malawi has had numerous candidates in the past that made bombastic promises as well but -not surprisingly- they rarely came through with them.  Chilima also promised that he will make the Anti-corruption Bureau (ACB) fully independent and will subsequently prosecute anyone involved in corruption practices. What he still chooses to ignore is that he IS the country’s VP and it is definitely not the case that he revolutionized the country during his VP tenure, far from it. So why would anyone believe that anything is going to be different if he becomes President?

No impactful political trajectory

Chilima systematically avoids to take the responsibility for any of the negative incidents that happened during his term as the vice president of the country. He is purposely manipulating the public opinion and tricking everyone into believing that anything bad that happened during Peter Mutharika’s term had nothing to do with him. One thing that he is consistently failing to understand is that, by adopting this stance, he is blatantly exposing how much he has failed while being in a position of influence.  As the second in command, he had the operational privilege to bring about a plethora of changes; so, if he could genuinely change the country, why did he not do anything (tangible) during his tenure? He is the VP, not a bank clerk. He had high maneuverability and the support of the President (when needed). Yet, his track record has more failures than tangible successes. Instead he is happy to merely point fingers at everyone else, while disguising himself as a saint.

Surrounded by people of questionable pasts and character

Undoubtedly, Chilima’s candidacy will be overall tainted by the people that have surrounded him. The formation of UTM has brought together people of questionable characters. Not only is the party a collection of disgruntled, frustrated politicians who are desperately trying to resurrect their political careers, but it is also an assemblage of individuals with -admittedly- dubious pasts (to say the least). We have people associated with dubious practices (from getting contentious contracts from the government to being involved in the death of activist Robert Chasowa, and so on and so forth). We can most certainly celebrate the present of an individual (and their current affiliations) but their past cannot and should not be ignored or forgotten. The fact that Chilima is largely surrounded by the so-called recycled politicians is ipso facto a cause for concern for Malawians, as recycled politicians are infamously known for having ulterior motives and a highly predictable disposition towards ‘filling their pockets’.

Lack of critical thinking and indecisiveness

Over the past few months, Chilima has shown undeniable signs of indecisiveness. Those defending his posture have argued that he is an intelligent man who takes his time before making a decision. Nevertheless, the Presidential Seat does not need someone who takes a month before making up his mind. Chilima struggled to make up his mind on whether he was going to form his own party. Despite calls in the early days of the so-called Chilima movement, Chilima failed to either quell the rumors or make his position known. Even at this point, Chilima has created a party of opposition, while still being the VP of the country! The law doesn’t stop the vice president from resigning. What is even more farcical is that he is part of the very corrupt, ingenuine, retrogressive and nepotistic system he so ferociously criticizes. Nonetheless, he refuses to resign, which makes him both the VP and the (conceptual) “leader” of the opposition. This is unacceptable in itself, both as a political stance and as a cognitive framework. He is either incapable of making any decision whatsoever or he is too attached to the lifestyle and perceptual gravity that come with the VP position. In either case, an individual of this ilk could never make a great leader.



  1. True and genuine analysis and I Hope come May 2019 election Malawians will have a full analysis on each and every presidential aspirants.

  2. So you want him to disclose so that others can copy? He mentioned of jobs, MCP followed with the same. Chilima, keep your cars crossed.

  3. Chilima is a young, ambitious man with limited experience and to some extent naive. All that he is doing is geared for his own aggrandizement! He really does not have Malawians in his mind at all!. He is making promises which assume that Malawians are stupid and will accept them without question! I will be very scared as a Malawian the day he takes office because I don’t he has enough experience for him to lead the country successfully. The sufferers of course will be Malawians.

    He should have spent more time in his position as VP, learned more, Tried to change things from inside the party and then after 2019 at the subsequent election he would be ready to lead and I have no doubt that he would have had a lot of support. He has miscalculated.

  4. Well think about what you are saying! what change is Chlima effecting in Malawi? He is the Vice president of the so called corrupt government? Why does he resign to assure us that he really wants change? He is using Malawians tax money under the guise of Vice President to fund his own party! is that not corrupt? What sort of change is that? Is there anyone in his group which makes you feel confident that when they get into government they will deal with our resources without corruption?
    No Chilima taking over leadership in Malawi would be disastrous and really I pray to God that he loses and disappears! We need genuine leadership in Malawi

  5. Thanks for this well thought out writing. I do not hate Chilima but one thing for sure this man is an indicator of failure, indecisiveness and lack of control. I believe in the spirit of loving my country I would tknow I am the VP of the country. Someone had to trust me as running mate. Together we won. Now I see evil things happening. I would publicly apologise to Malawians that I am part of the failure. I would not distance myself from my president. If I see no change I would simply resign as VP and inform people that I want to plan my future and give reasons. I would convince everyone that I am patriotic, transparent and decisive

  6. So for u mavi ya mbewa, what is important is having a change? Whether it is a good or bad change u don’t care but u just want change. Kkkkk that’s funny my dear!!!!! & that kind of thinking will take Malawi nowhere. Mavuto okhaokha basi.

  7. So which party have got clean politicians who are not desperate and resurrecting…let Chilima be we are sick and tired of this madala it’s time for change

  8. Whether he is part or not part of the corrupt government we don’t care , wat we care is we want change, we r tired with agogo . Mind u this Change is not for UTM but Malawians. DPP forgets that no matter how strong they feel they r they cant stop this change. Winds of change has blown across Malawi and Malawians are singing one song * we want change! We want change!. Next time write why APP is only breaking grounds and has built nothing out of those ground broken.

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