Chilima can afford a smile: Malawi High Court ‘rescues’ UTM

Saulos Klaus Chilima

The Malawi High Court has reportedly ordered the Registrar of Political Parties to register United Transformation Movement (UTM) within 21 days.

Saulos Klaus Chilima
Chilima smiles

The Registrar accused United Transformation Movement (UTM) of attempting to mislead the Registrar by filling the registration forms by using its abbreviation only.

While acknowledging that its registration forms had flaws, the party appealed against the Registrar’s decision.

According to news making rounds on the social media, the High Court is said to have overturned the Registrar’s decision.

However, UTM spokesperson, Chidanti Malunga, in an interview with Malawi24, has distanced UTM from these reports.’

“Anything official will be communicated through the party’s office,” Malunga told our reporter.

Chilima zamvuta, atha osaima 2019

No Chilima in 2019: Malawi’s Political Parties Registrar rejects UTM

In other news, UTM suffered another blow on Thursday when Blantyre City Council refused to grant permission to hold a political rally in the city because it is ‘unregistered’.

UTM is being led by Malawi Vice President, Saulos Chilima. He dumped the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in June.

Blantyre city throws out UTM



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