St Egidio eyes street children

Community of St Egidio has disclosed plans to join different stakeholders in helping to take Malawian street children to rehabilitation centers within the country.

Speaking at a celebration of the community’s 50th anniversary held in Mulanje, St Egidio National Coordinator, Keegan Mwanguku, said the ommunity plans offer support to the kids.

“When we are celebrating we need to look in the future, plans are there to help Children who are found in the streets begging, to be rehabilitated and have basic needs and the support that is to help them become responsible citizens” said Mwanguku.

He added that for the past five decades that the Community has existed in the world, members of the community have managed to support people who are vulnerable through various projects.

Concurring with Mwanguku, one of the responsible officials from the Community of St Egidio in Mulanje, Bruce Tabwali, said members of the community have helped in humanitarian support in the district.

“As a Community in Malawi, we are proud that we have support in a number of areas with the help of God like water sanitation of the country’s prisons and having feeding centers for Children who lack nutritious food” said Tabwali.

He added that Community of St Egidio members are currently taking care over 110 elders, supporting them with basic needs.

Founded in 1968 by Andrea Ricardi, the Community of St Egidio strives to spread the gospel of hope to the world to people who are vulnerable.