Mutharika addresses UN: calls for more UN Security Council seats for Africa

President Peter Mutharika has told the United Nations (UN) to stop segregating African countries and provide the continent with two permanent Security Council seats.

Mutharika said this when he was addressing the 73rd Session of United General Assembly (UNGA) in New York City, USA.

The Malawi President said the UN which preaches democracy everywhere is not democratic enough to accommodate almost one third of its own membership.

Mutharika addressing the assembly.

“We strongly support the Common African Position calling for 2 Permanent Seats with Veto and 5 Non–Permanent Seats for Africa.

“Why should some nations be afraid of losing power by offering decision making space to Africa when you don’t lose power by accommodating other continents? Is Africa that much of a threat? This segregation of Africans must come to an end,” said Mutharika.

He told the assembly that progressive achievements of UN cannot be noted when Africa is denied full participation on decision-making tables.

“In any political system, we cannot claim relevance to the people that we deny. A time has come to make the United Nations relevant to all people. A time has come to show global leadership that is inclusive of all nations,” he said.

Mutharika then urged the UN to listen to African voices by reforming the Security Council.