Wazisomo to host free show

Stevie Muliya

As a way of thanking his fans who patronised the recent music festival of Battle of Praise which he organised on the 9th September, Stevie Wazisomo Muliya., also known as the Stage Wizard, has said he is planning to hold a free gospel show in Blantyre.

Muliya disclosed this amid complaints from his fans that the Battle of Praise had hiccups including technical problem and that the show started late.

“It’s true that I want to hold a free show as a thank you to my fans as well as a consolation to what happened during the Battle of Praise music festival at French Cultural Centre, they have proven to be supportive indeed.

“Though we had some hiccups like misbehaving of sound equipment, I promise to keep on giving them the best as far as the ministry is concerned. I have spoken to my management on how to avoid this.

“The show was really well patronised but the only problem was the management of time and misbehaving of equipment but that has been sorted out,” he said.

Mr Grace added that he has already talked to the people who provided the equipment for a free show to do the show together and they have agreed to do so.

“The Greats are the ones that provided the equipment and we discussed the problem and we have agreed to hold a free show together because of what happened. As a way of thanking of thanking my fans as well as consolation”, he said.

The singer is expected to release a new album soon.

“I have really put effort to this to bring the best to my fans and singles of this new album will start being aired this month,” Muliya said.

Wazisomo is known by his stage energy and artistic performance.