UTM slams DPP vice president


One of the United Transformation Movement (UTM) champions, Patricia Kaliati has downplayed remarks made by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) central region vice president, Uladi Mussa, who said the UTM leader, Saulosi Chilima is an ungrateful person.

Kaliati said Mussah himself is an unsettled politician who does not get satisfied with one political party but rather changes from one party to another.

She added that Malawians have become wise now and that they will be careful when voting for their preferred leaders next year.

Uladi Mussa

Mussa: he led PP some months ago

Mussah who was the leader of People’s Party some past months ago, verbally attacked the UTM leader last week during a DPP rally that was held at Kandulu School ground in Salima.

He blamed Chilima for not being thankful to President Peter Mutharika for picking him as the running mate in the 2014 presidential elections.

“Mutharika could have chosen anyone to become the running mate, but he chose Chilima,” explained Mussah.

He further assured Malawians that DPP has the ability to win the presidential race in the May 21, 2019 tripartite elections.



  1. R Change goal anali Ku UDF, Dpp, Pp then DPP again monsemo mukufuna chiyani ngati kuli munthu osadziwa ndale ndi atidye nawo ndi Uladi Mussa akufuna kumalizana nawo a DPP akazapambana a Utm kapena Mcp muzamuona azathamanga kukagwada munthu onyela mmadzi amakhala osazindikira

  2. Gone are the days lord cud chose a leader for his pipo not now.the funny thing is we choose reader then ask lord at the end to guide the for good guidance,how? The bible says ask then u shall be given.do we as Malawian have that motive to ask him as nation that out of the leaders he should guide us to a good leader that will change Malawi to a better place? We do the other way then ask him for guidance after we have chosen already. My gush I feel sorry for Malawi.

  3. Zipani zonsezi anthu ake ndiwongotha nzeru.Kaliati nayenso ndi ngati Uladi.anthu wongotsatira komwe kwafewa zazii.basi.UTM sichipani choti amalawi mukhale nacho busy.anthu ake ndi adyera okhaokha.Saulonso anamuthandiza peter kuba mavoti pano waona kuti u vice sukukwana ali ndaonerere amalawi nane.zaziii.voterani chipani chokhazikika cha MCP.mwina zinthu zingalongosoke.osati phada akuchitika apayu.zomvetsa chisoni basi.

  4. The fact that Mutharika didn’t choose anyone out of the 17 million plus Malawians not even in his own DPP that speaks a volume about what kind of a person or leader Chilima is. It shows that he possesses unique leadership qualities that you can not find even in DPP that why Mutharika went all out to the Corporate World to fish out Chilima cos he is a special leader. Mr Change Goal himself even Mayi Joyce Banda didn’t consider him as a runningmate cos she knew that this one there is nothing that he can offer kkkkkkkk Malonda ali mmaso. So he must be quite & just eat these few months which are left & it’s known fact that he will come knocking on UTM’s door once it gets into power cos that’s what he does best.

  5. A Musa tikudziwa mukufuna u minister. Koma simuunyantha ulendo uno. Munthu chipani chako chidakukanika.

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