Gertrude Mutharika under probe


A social commentator has called for a lifestyle audit on Malawi First Lady Gertrude Mutharika saying she is getting rich without working.

Mutharika under probe

In a Facebook post, the commentator Idriss Ali Nassah said the First Lady is rapidly turning herself into a land and real estate baron in Malawi despite having no known income.

“A lifestyle and investments audit of the last three years would be telling. How much land she has bought and the many buildings she is putting up cannot be reconciled with what she earns now–and she doesn’t draw a salary as First Lady–or what she has ever earned in her entire working life. She was a nurse and a one-term Member of Parliament,” he said.

Nassah who is based in Ethiopia also accused President Peter Mutharika and the first lady of using the charity Beam to siphon money from the state, donors and well-wishers.

“Together with her husband Peter Mutharika, Gertrude steals from poor people not because of need. They are both well taken care of by the state. Yet they knowingly and wilfully steal, all because of greed,” Nassah claimed.

The first lady is constructing a villa at Six Miles in Lilongwe.

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