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Unsafe disposal of Kamba puffs sparks outrage

Kamba puff maker Mano Salwa Food Industries has sparked outrage after the company dumped expired puffs in a residential area.

The company which is based in Lilongwe dumped the puffs on an open site in the city, allowing children to eat the expired foodstuffs.

Facebook user Samuel Magombo posted pictures of the children on his wall saying he confronted the driver about the conduct but was told no one can tell the company what to do.

“Things that break my heart. This company is evidently criminal. Dumping these dangerous things (waste Kamba puffs) for poor people to eat.

“This site is just few meters from where I stay and when I confronted the driver, he was so arrogant and challenged me to do whatever I can I would not win because the company owners are buddies with government officials. This company does not know at all!” wrote Magombo.

Children shot taking the puffs. (Image credit: Samuel Magombo)

In comments on the post, Malawians have shown their anger over the careless disposal of the expired puffs.

Malawians are urging each other to take action against the manufacturer while others have called on government to make the company pay.

“Why can’t we all gang together and do something. Let’s mobilize ourselves please. We need to know the company and go there with our placards. If we wait for someone to do it for us then we will go nowhere. What government can allow its people to be exploited like this…. … these kind of companies must be closed for sure,” wrote Sherrie Teencerbaylo.

While Dan Sibale said: “My advice is [for the company] stop this because you cannot bribe the whole nation to fulfil your desires that’s why we’re all angry with you and your rotten workers and your so called officials.”

Meanwhile, Mano Salwa has released a statement distancing itself from the unsafe disposal the puffs.

The company says it subcontracted a garbage collection firm to be managing its waste by disposing the waste at a place designated by the council at 6 Miles.

The company in the statement posted by one Saj Rangila also claims that the puffs were thrown away for not meeting packaging standards.

“The public may also wish to know that the puffs are disposed for the reason that they don’t meet our packaging standards and not because they are expired,” says the statement.