Houses damaged in two fire incidents


Two houses have been damaged in separate fire incidents in Blantyre.

The fire accidents occurred in Chilomoni and Ndirande townships where property has been destroyed.

According to Blantyre police publicist Augustus Nkhwazi, on Wednesday at about 2pm fire that emerged from a cooker gutted a house at Namiwawa.

Matthews Mdedza aged 23 who had come to visit his relation Focus Sikaloka told Police that he was preparing some food in the kitchen and was interrupted by a need to answer nature’s call.

He left a pan on cooker and on his way back a few minutes later, he found the cooker up in flames and the fire further spread to the ceiling within the kitchen.

He shouted for help and well-wishers rushed to help put out the fire.

No injury to people was registered and so far the value of the damaged property has not been established.

In another incident, household property such as plasma television screen, fridge, sofa set, clothing and beddings was destroyed by fire in Ndirande.

The incident occurred on Thursday morning.

House servant Samuel Boyisi aged 34 told Police that fire started at around 3am in one of the rooms in the house whose owner Mr. Thomson Mchera aged 31 was away.

It is further reported that efforts to prevent the fire from destroying property proved futile.

Meanwhile, police both at Chilomoni and Ndirande sub police stations are investigating the fire incidents.