Atsogo Scrafoc to drop Over on Saturday

Atsogo Scrafoc

South Africa based Malawian gospel hip hop artist Atsogo Scrafoc is due to unleash his new single entitled Over on Saturday following a successful production.

The soldier of Christ has confirmed the release, two month after he dropped another soul-touching good news tune branded celebrate.

Born Gift Chilonga, he told Malawi24 on Thursday that the song mainly encourages believers not to lose hope. Being a gospel musician, his work has been inspired by the word of God.

Atsogo Scrafoc
Atsogo Scrafoc has Over out this Saturday.

“The song is an encouragement to children of God that no matter how long they have suffered, he will make their life smooth again,” he said

He added that children of God should always have positive expectations from their creator because he is the only one capable of bringing their problems to the end.

According to the good news rapper, the song has been titled Over to show that God has changed people’s seasons, and he will do it again.

Over has been produced by DJ Megi in South Africa. It is a second single off his album which will come out in December. The song has been wonderfully crafted by Megi and magically delivered by Atsogo which signals that it will change people`s lives.

When asked if he has any plans to work with other Malawian musicians, the gifted Chilonga said he will do so. He also said, he is planning international collaborations.

Malawians who follow Atsogo cannot stop to speak highly of him. They describe him as a musician who produces international music worth one’s time. Others call him Malawi`s gospel hip hop ambassador to the world.