Malawi Army against recruitment of HIV positive persons

MDF Soldiers

Malawi Defence Force (MDF) has expressed reservations over legislation that will require the army to allow recruitment of HIV positive persons.

Senior army officers told the National Aids Commission (NAC) on Friday that the MDF should be allowed to force recruits to undergo HIV test before they go for training.

“The training for MDF officers is very rigorous. I don’t think an HIV-postive person can withstand it,” Colonel Glandson Madziatera.

He made the remarks at the National Police Headquarters in Lilongwe during the HIV and Aids Management and Prevention Act dissemination meeting organised by NAC.

MDF talsk on recruiting HIV positive people. (File)

The Malawi Police also expressed similar concerns and asked that they should be allowed to disregard the law because they deal with security issues.

However, NAC’s head of policy support and development Andrina Mwansambo said the two cannot be allowed to break the law hence they should review their recruitment and training methods.

The HIV and Aids (Prevention and Management) Bill was developed by the Malawi Law Commission in 2008 to provide an institutional framework for effective regulation of the prevention and management of the HIV and Aids epidemic in Malawi.

It was passed in Parliament in November last year.  In Section 27, the legislation prohibits testing before recruitment into employment, but allows the Malawi Defence Force, Malawi Police Service, Malawi Prison Service and Immigration Department to assess applicants’ fitness.

The Bill also formally established National Aids Commission, outlining composition of the commission and procedures for appointing commissioners and the chief executive officer.



  1. But definitely an HIV positive people they also have an opportunity to work let’s we not undermining each other what we have to know is, nowadays no work no life.

  2. I agree with MDF and MP that everyone wanting to join the Army and Police Forces should undergo HIV and other diseases check.We already have a huge number of soldiers who are HIV POSITIVE and our Police Force is the worst hit by the HIV pandemic of all government departments.In short we need fit persons to protect us and l don’t mean to discriminate anyone.The same should be allowed when recruiting NURSES and CARE GIVERS,because we have heard cases where the said care givers get cut in the process of trying to save a life…..once again it’s just my opinion.For those whose reason is equal work opportunity ASK YOUR GOVERNMENT AND THOSE WORKING IN HIGH PLACE TO STOP CORRUPTION AND CREATE JOBS AND GIVE EVERYONE EQUAL OPPORTUNITY …

  3. I really hate this.pali anthu amene Ali ndi kachilombo sapeza mwai wa mtchito.ziko lathu lomwe zochitika mbweee.sizoona aliensee Ali ndi mwai ogwira mchira tieni tipasane long as ur fit palibe mkhani apa

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