Malawi’s economy to grow after coal plant project, says Mutharika

By Richard Jimu

September 03, 2018

Malawi President, Peter Mutharika anticipates a boost in the nation’s economy after the completion of 300MW Kammwamba coal-fired power plant.

His remarks come after he met with Wang Jianping Chairperson of the China Energy Engineering Group (CEEC), the parent company of the China Gezhouba Group International Engineering Company. The project is one of many others that Malawi has landed as ties with China continue to blossom. “We’re very serious about this project. If we have their extra wattage from this project, our economy will perform much better than now,” QOUTES Mutharika as having said. Jiang has since indicated that the Kam’mwamba project will be commencing after all the paperwork is done. The project is aimed at increasing the power generating capacity of Malawi to meet the ever increasing demand. Blackouts have been hitting Malawi over the last two years. Officials from energy statutory corporations have cited not just the increased demand but also lack of facilities and machinery. It is estimated at US $667,232,814.