DPP aspirants sign commitments

Democratic Progressive Party

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) aspirants have signed agreements with the party ahead of the DPP’s primary elections.

The ceremony was for aspiring Members of Parliament (MPs) and councillors for Lilongwe Urban and it was held at councillors at Lilongwe town Hotel on Saturday.

Democratic Progressive Party
Mussa: the future is bright

District governor Mussa Saidi during a signing ceremony of aspirants said as per tradition, DPP members more especially those interested to contest on position of Member of Parliament and councillors sign agreements in presence of district governor to show that they are ready to take part in the elections.

Speaking to reporters, Saidi said there is impression from the contestants that the future is bright.

“These people are evidence of what our president is doing in this country. After seeing that he has masterminded many development projects occurring in this country like technical colleges, roads, hospitals they have decided to assist him and take this country to another level,” he said.

In her remarks, the district’s chairlady Valeria Kavalo encouraged women to show their capabilities by contesting in the primary elections.

Kavalo explained that 50-50 campaign should not just be an ordinary song but there should be action.

So far, 10 people have shown interest to contest in primary elections for councillors while five aspirants will contest in primary elections for aspiring Members of Parliament in the city.

The party however is yet to announce the date for primary elections.