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Chilima to trim presidential motorcade

Vice President of Malawi Saulos Klaus Chilima has said he will reduce size of presidential motorcade if elected president of the country next year.

Chilima who is also United Transformation Movement (UTM) leader made the remarks during a political rally on Sunday in Ntcheu district.

Chilima: to reduce motorcade

He said the size of motorcade and number of police officers manning the roads glorifies the president.

“I will on the first day reduce the size of the presidential motorcade and review unnecessary closure of the roads when the presidential motorcade is passing.

“The current arrangement is more of glorification than security. We can’t afford such luxury when children are learning under tree and patients in hospitals are told to find their own transport because there are no ambulances,” Chilima said.

According to Chilima, the tendency of lining up police officers along the road just because the president wants to pass will stop. He described the practice as childish and inconsiderate.

The vice president added that he will protect the future vice presidents to ensure that deputy Malawi leaders are not abused by the president

“We will facilitate the amendment of the constitution to give the office more authority and certainty. I do not want to my deputy to go through what I have gone through and what others before me have gone through,” he said.

On education, Chilima said the existing universities will be expanded to ensure that they enrol more students.

He said: “For example, faculty of education at Chancellor College can be expanded to train more secondary school teachers which the country is in need.”

Enrolment will also be increased through introduction of government sponsored open and distance learning students.

“For example, Chancellor College can have satellite campus at Ntcheu. LUANAR the same and so can Mzuni, MUST and other colleges. By accessing university education while operating from your home, it means students and their households will save transport and accommodation costs,” Chilima said.

According to Chilima, UTM leadership will also add more public universities in the country by first completing the Mombera University and constructing Kamuzu University in Kasungu and others.