Refereeing course participants decries lack of equipment


Participants at a refereeing course organized by Football Association of Malawi (FAM) expressed worry over lack of equipment.

The event which attracted participants from the central and northern regions started on Monday and ended on Friday in Mzuzu.

Participants however said they should have been given necessary equipment at the end of the training.

Participants during the training

Speaking during the closing ceremony, Ogrive Kazuwa who represented the 68 participants said it will be difficult to translate what they learnt at the training into practice without materials.

He said they were expecting to receive the referee kits soon after the completion of the training on Friday.

“It is sad that we have finished the training without receiving practical equipment. In a situation like this you cannot expect a lot from us. All in all, the training was an eye opener to basic rules of the game. It is our hope that FAM will provide us another training soon so that we should further our knowledge,” he said.

FAM indicated earlier that upon completion of the course, the participants will automatically be assigned to handle Under-16 Fifa Youth Football League second phase that is expected to kick off very soon.

“Our plan is that youth leagues should be officiated by youths themselves. That is to say, after this training, the 68 will automatically be busy officiating Under-16 youth football games whose second phase will kick off soon,” said FAM referees development officer Maxwell Mtonga.

Responding to the outcry for the equipment by the participants, FAM executive member Severia Chalira assured the participants that they will get the equipment soon.

She said the equipment has delayed to reach FAM offices due to logistical challenges.

“Let me assure you that you will get your equipment shortly. Mind you, the equipment are directly procured by Fifa. They just hand over to us,” said Chalira.

The participants wrote examinations at the last day of the training and according to Mtonga those who will pass the exams will receive a Grade-3 refereeing certificate.