DPPs Vincent Ghambi joins UTM

Vincent Ghambi

Barely few days after he had attended the Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) rally at Karonga community ground, the former education minister in the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government who is also the sitting member of parliament for Karonga North constituency Vincent Ghambi, has dumped the ruling party for the newly launched United Transformation Movement (UTM).

The development comes after the ruling party has allegedly introduced their regional treasurer Mwangasula Mwambande as the DPPs torch bearer for the Karonga North constituency.

Vincent Ghambi
Vincent Ghamb (C) leaves the DPP for UTM.

Speaking at the ceremony that took place at the movement’s district office on Wednesday morning, Ghambi described the decision as a good political move ever to have been made by him, saying Karonga north constituency has “spoken” and once it does the whole Karonga shakes.

Ghambi said his decision to dump the ruling party is based on the treatment that he has been getting from the party hierarchy for the past four years, saying the party has been sidelining him in so many ways and violence as a major reason why he has taken that path.

“I am a peace loving person that much you know. So, I would not want to associate myself with a violent party. That is why I have decided to leave the party and go to this newly launched movement,” Ghambi said.

Asked whether he is bitter with the DPP’s introduction of a new aspiring member of parliament in his constituency, Ghambi said he is not scared at all as he is a very development conscious person and that the constituents will speak in 2019 through the ballot in his favour.

I have joined the UTM out of my own conscience and that of the people I serve in my constituency. I have consulted my constituents thoroughly and they have advised me to jump ships for the sake of continued development come 2019 general elections,” the parliamentarian said.

Welcoming Ghambi on behalf of UTM, the National Executive Committee member Osborne Shella said as a new political party, it feels honoured to have members of parliament of Ghambis caliber in our fold, saying he is an asset and will bring value to the new party.

“Today is another good day for UTM, Vincent Ghambi and his Ward Councillor are not ordinary persons in politics. Definitely the coming in of these people will bring in their vast experience and help us win the 2019 general elections, Shella said.

Shella told the newly welcomed members to work tirelessly to sell the UTMs agenda of ending quota system and various social ills the country is going through at what he said hands of evil leadership.

However, in a telephone interview, the Minister of Information and Communication Technology who is also the DPPs publicity secretary Nicholas Dausi, said as a party they are not shaken in any other way by Ghambis defection to the UTM, describing it as his (Ghambis) constitutional right to do so.
As DPP, we wish him well wherever he is going.

In a democracy, people are supposed to freely associate with any political party or movement of their choice. Therefore, he can go in peace, we will meet him in 2019, Dausi said.

Other notable figures who joined the movement at the event included the DPPs Ward Councillor for Karonga Songwe Binox Mwakafwisha, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Ward Councillor for Mzilawayingwe in the City of Mzuzu Councillor Frazer Chunga and MCPs Karonga Nyungwe constituency committee members.



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