Malawian woman arrested in China for trafficking cocaine


A 29-year-old Malawian woman has been arrested in China for trafficking cocaine.

Estina in red jacket

The woman identified as Estina Mukasera was arrested at an airport in the Asian country after being found with 2190 grams of the illegal drug.

A picture of Mukasera being led away by officers with her face covered by a mask is making rounds on social media.

In China, drug traffickers are sometimes sentenced to death by lethal injection.

Government in July expressed concern of over a number of young Malawian women being used by foreigners to traffic drugs.

According to a statement which government released, two Malawian ladies were also arrested recently in Ethiopia for trafficking drugs. Another woman is serving a seven year sentence for a similar offense.

Government advised young women to be vigilant and not to fall prey to fraudsters and to avoid being sent abroad to deliver parcels.““`



  1. Jobless, money problem that’s why they fall in such deals

    But it’s not good

  2. This is bad ……women always remember that there is no short in success.

  3. God have mercy to this girl! We never know what happened to her, this people who asking to carry this drug have many trivks

  4. Hey everyone, malawian citizen please don’t do this because now she fill very painful her life try best way to find money not bad way. We know its very difficult to find money in malawi but not that way am so sorry for you sister but is your problem you don’t think for your future.

  5. Dyera kufuna zapompo pompo ulesi basi .
    There is danger in comfort.

  6. Ooh shame poor malawian girl may God be with you girl, i hope he gives you another chance in life.???

  7. These are women who want to live a luxury life when they did not invest in their life. They want high class men to marry them instead of looking to God fearing men. Anyway lethal injections are waiting for her.

  8. Very unfortunate and the drug dealers are not shaken by this cos it’s business as usual while a poor soul is behind bars. This is not bravery of this lady but greed, selfish and foolishness. Wasting your life this and anyway choices of life are personal. Kyala akutule fiyo we Estina Mukasera

  9. Awareness is low to the youth. Those drug traffickers used young woman from South Africa but now ladies in South Africa are clever. They move to another weak ladies.

  10. This will make other peoples lives difficult and painful, abale ku Malawi plus innocent Malawians wanting to travel overseas maybe subjected to high visa fees or visa rejected or cruel searches. One thing to learn, do not accept an agreement to where you will get a free air ticket to travel somewhere and get paid for the trip sponsored by a person who is asking you to carry something. How easy is that to remember. there is no explaination which can convince courts that you accidentitally carried drugs without your knowledge, how easy is that to remember. Some country has a death penanlty . how easy is that to remember. youre chances of being caught are 95 % due to highly sophisticated equip and trained personnel and dogs. How easy is that to remember. if it is that good why does the person not sent his family or go there himself with the drugs. how easy is that to remember. the Malawi government can not do anything to help you if caught and even where theres no death penalty the prison sentences are very long over 20 years, Now that is very difficult to remember so please try it yourself. We all learn from experience and mistake, go do it

  11. Thats corrupt Nigerians for you. They dont have regard for life but money. Malawi Police wake up and do your job.

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