DPP apologises for attacking Pope Francis

Pope Francis: There is no hell
DPP leadership sends apologies.

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has been forced to apologise to the Roman Catholic Church after its member attacked head of the church Pope Francis.

During a DPP rally at Bangwe in Blantyre on Sunday, member of the party Hophmally Makande said Mutharika, 79, will only resign after Pope Francis, 81, steps down because the Malawi leader is younger.

DPP spokesperson Nicholas Dausi who is also Minister Information and Communications Technology has apologised for Makande’s remarks saying the statement should not have been made.

Pope Francis gay people
Pope Francis was targeted in Makande’s speech.

Dausi told the local media that the party will not tolerate such remarks and the Roman Catholic Church should be assured that the Pope will not be insulted again by the DPP.

Makande made the remarks at a rally held by DPP Vice President for the South Kondwani Nankhumwa who did not condemn the attack in his speech.

Mutharika did not also speak about the issue when leaving the country for China on Monday.

There have been calls for Mutharika to step down after the end of his term and pave the way for younger leaders such as Vice President Saulos Chilima.



  1. uku ndiye kutiyamba dala kumeneko………………….

  2. The queen is over her nineties…Pope is in his eighties..however..the mornach and the pontiff are not democratically elected they are almost elected by tradition and they are not beneficiaries of the kindness of Malawian tax payers whilst an over aged Malawian resident. .or official who is not agile or robust mentally and physically is a turkey and a budden..a Turkey is no good at swimming…flying or running. President of France and Canada prime minister are in their thirties …does DPP know a person in his eighties is clinically too old to rule the stressed country ..mswati and north Korea leader ruled in their thirties..if young enough to get a doctors degree or degree in-law or management should be young enough tobbe president.. If old enough to retire should retire and get pension.. The govt for the same reason it doesn’t employe eighty yr old to led a govt organisation it should be legal to employ them to Led the whole country s.remember only follow or refer to positive and relevant example from oversees.

  3. If the presdent himself he cant speak senseness how do u expect its senior members to make strong speech . Dis party is out of controll

  4. The whole leadership of Dipipi is groomed to insults and mocking innocent people. We are not surprised with the recent utterances by Makande. Last time it was Regional governor for the eastern region Mr. paipi who spoke against Muslims and Islam @ Large. No body stood up to apologize. Politics of Dipipi is destructive and built on hatred

  5. Attacking the church should not be tolerated in our politics am not Catholic but this was uncalled for,what has the POPE have with Malawi Politics?should we say the DPP is for only non Catholics? Lats time the very same party thru its Regional governor for Eastern Region attacked the Muslims now this.its high time the DPP should start respecting the Church.

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