Lucius Banda to Contest as MP on UTM Ticket


Renowned Malawian musician who is also parliamentarian for Balaka North constituency, Lucius Banda, has declared his interest to contest for the position of Member of Parliament under United Transformation Movement (UTM) ticket ahead of the tripartite elections in 2019.

Speaking in an interview Banda who became parliamentarian for Balaka North under the United Democratic Front (UDF) ticket in 2014 said he is set for the 2019 elections but now under the United Transformation Movement where he argued UDF has lost the support it had from his followers.

Saulos Chilima

Lucius (in suit) to contest under the UTM flag.

“At first my idea was to work with UTM while in UDF just as some members of parliament from the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) are doing, I then realized the Idea was not welcomed by UDF thus why I decided to fully join UTM,

”People in my constituency as well as chiefs have welcomed the move, and was surprised to hear that all the members of my constituency committee joined UTM before me and they are in full support of the mighty UTM,” added Banda.

UDF has lost the support it had in Balaka North, so come UTM Primaries I will contest and if all goes successful 2019 General Elections I will contest under UTM lead by Dr. Saulos Chilima” explained Banda.

Commenting on the development a political analyst George Phiri from University of Livingstonia said he is not surprised to see some of the UDF loyal members like Lucius Banda, Iqbal Omar and Shanil Dzimbiri defecting from the party.

“UDF died a way back in 2004 when Bingu left the party with all the gurus who where strong pillars of the party, and we knew UDF could not survive. The party is on the verge of collapsing” Said Phiri.

UDF spokes personal was not available for comment as we went to the press.

Lucius Banda, Iqbal Omar and Shanil Dzimbiri made their first public appearance in UTM colors during the launch of UTM in Lilongwe, where Banda and Shanil endorsed the party’s president Saulos Chilima as a torch bearer of the party ahead of the 2019 general elections.



  1. Chitsiru osamgoimba nyimbo bwanji ndalama za tax fair zawakomera anthu that are not there to develop Malawi but to develop their pockets by stealing donation money “Shame”on All politicians of Malawi, why can’t you just sell the Country? Some of us we are in exile for over 15 year’s now bcoz of u rude pple “ur mothers and fathers will vote for u not me and not us who are I’m exile bcoz of u stealers”Chilima knew that he must be a President to be rich also to steal more than he did with Peter so his gap is closed now he decided to open his utm to finish Malawi now shame

  2. Freedom includes financial freedom..lucious banda is a near example of people whose sources of income are based on his talent or a business which is dificult to punish therefore he doesnt need to kiss govetnment ass. He can almost say the truth and almosy join the side he want and switch as he is financial self reliant..whilst for example people like..dausi…brown mpinganjira etc will have to look after the hand that feed them. I know afew malawian overseas who r doing well and not reliant of anything to do with malawi..they always have so er balanced opinion.the more independent your source of income is the free u will be to express your political pointa