More PhD holders needed in Malawian universities – Mutharika


President Peter Mutharika says there is a need for more PhD holders in Malawian universities in order to find solutions to challenges the country is facing.

Mutharika made the remarks during a meeting with a delegation of Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) yesterday at Kamuzu Palace in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe.

The Malawi leader said no country can develop without investing in higher education and that is why he introduced the community technical colleges.

Peter Mutharika 
Made the remarks.

“No country can develop without proper investment in higher education and that is why my government has invested substantial financial resources in this and vocational skills development through construction of community technical colleges,” he said.

President Mutharika who is also the Champion of Higher Education in Africa added that he is committed to promoting higher education in Africa through promotion of investment in the area.

Speaking at the same function, Executive Secretary of REFORUM Adapala Ekwamu hailed Mutharika’s led government for its effort to develop higher education.

“As a world champion for higher education, the president is always at the forefront in global mobilization of support for investment in higher education for the benefit of African nations,” he said.

According to the Executive Secretary, Malawi is the first country in Africa to allocate one percent of its Gross Domestic Product to higher education in Africa.

RUFORUM is a consortium that currently has representation from 85 African Universities from at least 35 countries.



  1. I think it’s a good idea, we need well educated people who can understand politics in better way than those brutal politicians who wake and think of stealing the government revenue

  2. I think it’s a good idea,we need well educated people who can understand politics in better way than just robbing the the country as other brutal politicians do

  3. With quota system? Wow
    Malawian in south Africa but I have never heard about your late brother and your in hesitancy system of quota

  4. Foolish Peter just admit that you have our country,,,,rather than talking nosense…..kungokula mutu koma opanda nzelu..

  5. inu a peter tawasiyani chocho tiyeni tapaseni ulemu wawo pandhawi ino yasalaii ulemu wanu apeter koma ziwani izi zimene mukunena panopazi palibe angazimve cz ndhawi yatha tikufuna tione zina

  6. How many qualified Electrical Engineering do we have and yet Magesi akathima ndiye oyambilira kudandaula,

    This is because they need to get a degree or PhD kuti azagwire ntchito muoffice by kulowetsa sentences mmutu mwayo yokomzera mayeso not applying the hand knowledge.

  7. What will the PhD benefits the people of Malawi? Dressing in suit ndikukula mitima?
    Go Luanda and see what is happening there, the country been in genocide for decade and you can’t believe how developed it is at the shortest period of time.

    And yet the President Paul Kagame hold only the secondary certification no degree what ever.

    In Malawi we need a good leadership particularly in Government, Stop employing useless people mu Boma just chifukwa choti mumaziwa or amatukwana bwino during campaign.
    Stop employing useless ambassadors kuti adzikamwa whisk kunja insisted bringing developers to Malawi.

    Malawi had only two leaders who truly understand the needs of the peoples of Malawi. late Dr H Kamuzu Banda, Dr Bingu WaMuthalika(May their soul continue resting In peaceful).

    Ine ndilibe chipani chili chonse and my last vote to cast was in 1994 for UDF.
    Throughout listening to YouTube for each and every our leaders in Malawi, I was one of the haters to Dr Saulos Chilima without even waisting time to listen through his message.

    After following him and listening very attentively, this Man knows exactly what he is talking about and he is the only person who can bring the bright future of Malawi.

    It will not happen just in the shortest period of time but who ever will succeed him and continue his work after his terms end not kuti ndipanga zanga ndioneke ngati support ayi.

    I could recommend him kusankha vice president ku khala a current leader a MCP. He is also amazing with a visions but in Malawi indeed we don’t need a vice President.

    Ine ndathero ndikuganiza kwanga komanso ndikuunikira kwanga this is not against zomwe His Excellency Dr Peter wa Muthalika anena, we should support,respecting our leader’s nthawi zonse.

  8. We need to shy away from the traditional thinking that the higher the education one has the more innovertive..creative…productive…and expreience he is..we need people with these qualities. Knowledge is not problem solving, i do not have a phd in computer science or engineering however i can give a phd holder a run for his money if challenged in this field.. experience can surpass education..Military science degree doesnt overtake a soldiers experince in thw battlefield. Kuona fisi sikuy3nda usiku..koma kukumana naye

  9. What is a man with an engineering degree if he cant even make a borehole and give people water.

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