Govt restores Chilima’s security detail


The office of the President and Cabinet and the Malawi Police have agreed to restore Vice President Saulos Chilima’s security detail.

According to a court order issued Wednesday, the office of the President and Cabinet and the Malawi Police will restore security at Chilima’s residences and give him back motor vehicles which were withdrawn.

“The decisions of the Respondents reducing the number of police officers guarding [at] the official residences of the Applicant in Lilongwe and Blantyre; transferring police officers working at the said residences; and withdrawing some of the motor vehicles assigned to the office of the Vice President of the Republic of Malawi be and are hereby wholly and effectually withdrawn.

“The Respondents shall pay costs of these proceedings and the same are to be taxed if not agreed by the Parties.”

Last month, government reduced Chilima’s security detail from 42 to six. The move came days after the vice president launched the United Transformation Movement.

Twenty police officers were transferred from the Office of the Vice President to Police Mobile Service (PMS) A Division while 18 others were moved to PMS C Division.

Government also transferred two police officers from Chilima’s Mudi residence to PMS B Division.

Chilima later obtained a court order to stop government’s decision and asked for a judicial review.



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