Woman arrested for insulting Mutharika now out on bail


Facebook user and critic of the President Peter Mutharika regime Manice Dawood has been released on bail.

Dawood was arrested days ago for what is being understood as ‘insulting’ Mutharika.

The critic who is also Mutharika’s relative was arrested at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) as she was about to leave the country for United States of America.

On bail.

The Lilongwe magistrate court ordered her to surrender her traveling documents and pay K100 000 as bail bond and that she be reporting to police every Friday.

Her case resumes on 6th September 2018. Her release met up with huge celebration from the United Transformation Movement (UTM), a party Dawood is believed to have endorsed.

Malawi24 had reported two days ago that UTM supporters went to the National Police Headquarters to demand Dawood’s release but were dispersed by the police who fired teargas at them.

According to reports, two women were injured during the fracas that ensued.

The arrest came not long before the President had said he will invoke law that places people that insult him into the bad arm of the law.



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  2. Its unprofessional you start and you must finish it, and you pathetic leader of us go to hell you cant use your position to treat people, where is our freedom now? If it works like that all people for RSA they deserve to be in jail, people talk anyhow but never get arrested free zone free country we are more than them we have rights to tell you everything either hate you or not .go to hell

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