Malawian students in Uganda urged to be united

Malawians students who are studying in Uganda have been asked to be united in both academic and social life if they want to be successful.

The call was made by Abdul Hakim Chatuwa who is the Chairman of Malawi Students Association at Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU).

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24 after the Eid-Adha luncheon that the students organised, Chatuwa said the students need to work hand in hand with each other in order to achieve their academic goals.

Some of the students during the party.

He said that the association organised the luncheon to bring together all Malawian students at the university so that they may enhance their relationships.

“The issue is that we are here far away from home and we need to be united. If we can be doing things individually, obviously we can’t harvest anything and that is why I am urging all students from Malawi to be united both academically and socially,” he told Malawi24.

In his remarks, former chairperson of the association Abdul Majid Domasi said the meeting which happens annually helps to bring together students from Malawi despite their religious grouping and tribes.

According to Domasi, since he joined the university in 2013 the luncheon has been fruitful and productive in bringing out the best from each other.

Chimwemwe Chasiya, who is a first year law student expressed satisfaction over the event saying that learning is not only in class.

According to Chasiya, the gathering helped her to interact with Malawian students who are studying other programmes at the university.

She urged Malawian students in Uganda to work hard so that they may be shaped into productive citizens that will help in developing Malawi social-economically.

Islamic University in Uganda has over 60 students from Malawi who are studying various degree programmes such as Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication, Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of Economics.


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  1. highly appreciated,,,,, unity is indeed needed if we want to achieve our goals

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