Fake Mzuzu road picture lands MBC reporter in hot soup


The Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) has suspended a reporter for posting on the media house’s Facebook page a picture of a road in England claiming it was the Mzuzu dual carriageway.

Austin Kakande in trouble at MBC.

The reporter Austin Kakande has been accused of damaging the broadcaster’s reputation due to the goof which was widely criticized on social media.

According to MBC, Kakande violated the station’s terms and conditions service.

“As a public broadcaster, the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation is expected to maintain high standards of integrity and ethical conduct, a thing you have failed to uphold in this particular case,” reads a suspension letter signed by controller of administration and human resources Mabuchi Kapachika.

The public broadcaster’s director general Aubrey Sumbuleta told the local media that they are investigating the matter.

Last week, MBC Malawi Facebook page posted an update on the progress of the 1.3 kilometre road but instead of using pictures for the Mzuzu dual carriageway the media house used a picture of another road in England which was downloaded from the internet.

The post was later taken down and another update using actual pictures of the Mzuzu road was posted.


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  1. why don’t we have roads like that in malawi?
    It is because we have alot of hyenas who are eating all the money instead of developing the country and try to be one of the best country in the continent.when a country is small it is very easy to develop it than big size countries but we are failing to do this because anyone who takes the office of the President doesnt have the mind of developing the country rather chowing donations and government financies.
    It is very sad for malawi nation,as it falls under poorest countries in the world.

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