Court unfreezes DPP account


The High Court has rebuffed the Youth and Society which sued the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) over the K145 million deposit and has ordered unfreezing of the DPP account where the money was held.

According to the court, YAS does not have the right to take the matter to court on behalf of Malawians hence its application to have the DPP Standard Bank account frozen was thrown out.

The DPP gets court backing.

YAS last month asked the court to freeze the DPP account after an Anti-Corruption Bureau dossier showed that businessman Zameer Karim sent K145 million to the account whose sole signatory is President Peter Mutharika.

The account was frozen pending hearing on the matter.

But in its ruling yesterday, the court said YAS has no sufficient interest in the matter and cannot represent Malawians.

The court also set aside the case and ruled that the Standard Bank account should be made available to the DPP.

It was revealed in June that the DPP received K145 million from Karim shortly after Karim got payment for the K2.7 billion food rations contract which he was fraudulently awarded and which he used to defraud government.

YAS then sued the DPP but the party later announced that it will return the money to Karim.



  1. Educated fool, doesn’t this corrupt judge know that every Malawian (taxpayer) has the right and direct interest to question if public funds have been misappropriated? What does that dunderheadrant judge mean by say I YAS (which consists of only malawians) has no interest or right of questioning fraud? Doesn’t that stupid judge know that a democratic government is a a government by the people? And how does that injudge interpret that single phrase? Foolish foolish foolish you will die a painful death like injustice Mbendera.

  2. Aaah! Za ziii basi, funso ndi loti kodi katangale anachitika kapena ayi? Don’t waste our time! Zikomo!

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