Wanderers fan angers Seventh Day Adventist Church

Wanderers fan

The unknown Be Forward Wanderers fan has left the Seventh Day Adventist Ministries Women League angry with the attire he wore during his side’s TNM Super League match against Azam Tigers at Kamuzu Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

Dressed in a full Dorcas uniform, the fan attracted attention of his fellow football fanatics and within seconds, his pictures went viral on social media, forcing the Director of Women in the church Emily Egolet to condemn the behavior.

In a statement made available to Malawi24 on Monday morning, Egolet said the young man insulted the dignity and demeaned the whole church of the Seventh Day Adventist in Malawi.

Wanderers fan
This image has led to a social media storm.

“In my personal capacity and as Director of Women’s Ministries in the Seventh Day Adventist Church and on behalf of all Dorcas Women in Malawi, I would like to register our serious disappointment and anger over this picture of a male Be Forward Wanderers supporter who wore the full Dorcas Uniform to a football match on Saturday.

“We find it disturbing to see a man dress in a woman’s clothes, is this a demonstration of something we are failing to understand? We find it very disturbing for a man to use a well-known church uniform to a football match and we find it very disturbing that the attire was used on a Sabbath day,” said the statement.

According to Egolet, football matches are meant to attract people of all religions, sex, race and tribe and therefore it would be ideal to respect each other.

“As SDA women, we feel this young man has insulted our dignity and has demeaned our faith and has generally insulted the SDA Church in Malawi. We do not understand the motive behind such an action but we must say we will not condone this because it’s totally unacceptable and uncalled for.

“Our thought and prayers are with this young man for the Holy Spirit to talk to him in a very special way and we pray that FAM, Sulom and Be Forward Wanderers find it necessary to address this concern which has caused so much pain to the Dorcas Women in Malawi,” concluded the statement.

When contacted, Egolet said she was in a meeting and the church is expected to issue an official statement regarding the matter.



  1. , I would like to register our serious disappointment and anger over this

    The above statement not fit for a Church Leader….pezani wodekha mtima to handle ma issues as such

  2. Forgive the people who doing wrong and keep them in every day prayers in order the holy spirit to enter their midst

  3. Galu eagunda mbuzi kkkkk if it were vice versa there would be no problem

  4. Do seventh day Adventists own blue and white? Is the design their trade mark? They should grow up everyone got freedom of dressing in any colour any design.

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