Vube facing criticism for the erotic Dianna video


Musician Vube is under fire for production of what some quarters have rated as an indecent music video for his song entitled Dianna.

The video which came out late last week is perceived to reduce women to sexual materials in the showbiz. People on social media have criticized the visuals on those grounds.

Dianna video shows female models in underwears throughout. According to Vube’s critics, this is uncalled for in Malawi as it is a violation of Malawi’s cultural values.

Vube slammed.

James Kadzinje said: “I cannot believe that Malawians have started producing erotic videos shame.”

However, Vube reserved his comment on the matter when Malawi24 reached him through phone yesterday.

In a previous interview, he disclosed that he was targeting international video platforms with the work. Trace TV Africa is among his desired destinations for the visuals.

Others believe the video has been shot in that fashion so as to give it an international appeal. This is based on the view that for a video to be international, it should have attractive scenes of models.

On the issues of culture, some scholars have argued that Malawian culture does not exist in the view of diversity. In line with this, people are not justified to criticise him for flouting what they term Malawian culture.


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