Uncivilised politics has no room in democratic Malawi – MCP


Malawi’s oldest party, Malawi Congress Party (MCP), has expressed shock over the torching of two cars belonging to United Transformation Movement (UTM) in Mangochi.

In a statement signed by Publicity Secretary Reverend Maurice Munthali, MCP has reminded all the perpetrators involved in the malpractice that Malawians can’t accept such uncivilised politics to continue.

“The Party would like to categorically and unequivocally condemn the barbaric act which has no space in democratic Malawi and among her peace loving people,” reads the statement.

Maurice Munthali has made the remarks.

Malawi Congress Party says it is saddened to note that such savagery still persists and is being tolerated in a country which should by now have been enjoying the tentacles of democracy and well guided by the rule of law.

“Lawlessness and barbarism will only breed a dead nation ultimately. The Mangochi barbarity is a sad but clear sign that Malawi’s destiny is being eluded rapidly and our pursuit for meaningful democracy is but a fallacy.

“No nation built on hate and mistrust can ever dream of development let alone transformation,” reads the statement.

The statement adds that it is only when Malawians fully embrace restraint, maturity, tolerance and love that the country will move forward as one nation and get to where it is meant to be.

“As Malawi Congress Party, we would like to appeal to all peace-loving Malawians to desist from vulgar language, hate speeches and deliberate promotion and or condoning of barbarism in whatever manner,” the party says.

MCP has stressed that it cannot afford to accommodate or celebrate any sort of violence perpetrated by anybody or sponsored and condoned by any institution in this country.

According to the statement, MCP considers the Mangochi incident as one example of a sad culture which has been left unchecked if not nurtured for years now.

“We all know that such incidents should have been easily tamed by the government so as to ensure order in and restore dignity of our beloved nation,” says the statement.

MCP has since asked the police in the country to bring to book all people who did the evil act and to investigate other similar cases which occurred in the past.


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  1. FACT: CHILIMA IS A BREAKAWAY OF DPP. FOR DPP TO BE REMOVED FROM POWER, UTM SHOULD BE ABSORBING UDF, DPP MEMBERS SUCKING THEM FROM DPP TO THEIR PARTY. THAT WILL WEAKEN DPP. SIMILARY IF CHILIMA WOes support from MCP supporters then the he is weakening the MCP therefore he is a very vital tool for DPP to win. again it happened with Hilary Clinton. ..Chamisa. ..john tembo and others, sometimes things seems great whilst they are not as fabulous as that.

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