Chilima told to spill more beans


…Expert believes more to have happened in DPP govt

One of the political experts in Malawi, has urged the country’s vice President Saulos Chilima to expose more wrongdoings by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

The expert George Phiri has advised Malawi’s second in command not to be hindered by oath of secrecy that he swore to.

Phiri’s sentiments follow Chilima’s speech during the launch of his newly formed United Transformation Movement (UTM) in Mangochi where he said he will be forced to expose the DPP government if the party continues to threaten him.

Chilima’s speech was seen to be a direct response to his boss, President Peter Mutharika, who earlier promised to deal with his deputy if Chilima continues “castigating” the president during his rallies.

Chilima asked to blow his whistle the more.

Mutharika said he will use Malawi’s constitution to fight back members of UTM who have “insulting” him.

Commenting on Chilima’s speech in Mangochi on Sunday, Phiri who is a Livingstone University based lecturer said, the vice president should go ahead revealing more wrongdoings by the current administration.

“If he want to travel he should not wait for a treat, he can continue to disclose what is important to change the situation, because our country is at the verge of collapsing,” said Phiri.

He further disclosed his belief that the ruling DPP might have had more wrongdoings as claimed by Chilima who dumped the party months ago.

“I believe that a lot has been happening in the country since 2014, and sometimes you turn to wonder that what is really happening, for example the same government issued warrant of arrest for Joyce Banda, where is that issue? Do you think there is no secret in that?” questioned Phiri.

“How can government issue a warrant and the person comes to Malawi by herself and announce prior to her coming and we see her free, where is that warrant of arrest? You have seen government offices being set on fire, someone is answering charges and we see the office being on fire and you wonder why that office and not other offices?” explained Phiri.

Since parting ways with Mutharika, Chilima has been telling the public that the governing DPP has been engulfed with corruption and nepotism, issues he promised to end if given the mantle of leadership in next year’s election.

Chilima added that he is to make sure that people involved in corruption are brought before the law and make sure they return funds meant for public use.

Malawi is a country reported to have high cases of corruption, a development that has been a drawback to the country as most sectors are underfunded leading to poor service delivery.



  1. We want to see a changed Malawi. We are all behind you Mr Chilima. Keep your best inspire the nation. We know you are up to something good. 2019 Boma.

  2. Is Phiri a political scientist or an opportunist? He seems to be everywhere and comment on everything that he has no authority. SKC is the incumbent VC for Malawi and is part of DPP administration. He took oath of office and needs to abide with that. He cannot just be sharing everything as suggested by so called University of Livingstonia political commentator. After all has he studied politics nor understand It? Please learn to comment on issues you are conversant with.

  3. This guy is stupid he doesn’t know what he is talking if he is really on his own he must do like what Mr Justine Malewezi did when Bakili Mulizi let him down he resigned as vice President n start his own not this baby who is still sleeping in his dad’s house.

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