Creation of one million jobs is possible – Wandale

Vincent Wandale

Renowned land activist Vincent Wandale says creation of one million jobs within a year is possible in Malawi.

Wandale has backed recent promises by Vice President of Malawi and leader of United Transformation Movement (UTM) Saulos Chilima who said that he will create a million jobs once voted into power in next year’s May 21 polls.

In a social media post, Wandale who is the leader of People’s Land Organisation (PLO) and is known by his fight on land issues against tea plantations owners in the districts of Mulanje and Thyolo said he believes that this country can have high speed trains.

Vincent Wandale
Vincent Wandale: Supports Chilima’s job creation idea.

“I believe that it is possible to create more than one million jobs in one year and have bullet trains in Africa and especially in the warm heart of Africa,” reads Wandale’s post.

Since he came public to seek for Malawians’ vote for him to ascend to the country’s highest political office, Chilima has been telling Malawians in all the regions that his government shall reduce current unemployment levels.

Chilima’s promises have received different reactions from various people with some analysts and politicians asking how that can be done within a year.

Recently, President Peter Mutharika during a rally on his way from northern region to Lilongwe told Malawians that they should not be cheated by what his second in command is promising claiming that it is unrealistic.

A couple of weeks ago, the UTM leader told a gathering during the party’s launch at Njamba Freedom Park in Blantyre that those who are doubting that Malawi can create one million jobs within a period of 12 months should just stay in the terraces and watch how his government will do it.



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  2. 1 million job creation within a year is possible in Malawi only if the thiefiest leaders like the current one aren’t re-elected during nextyear’s general elections. I personally support that Malawi should try Chilima this time &also finally advise Chilima to watch out his team not to lead him astray. I❤ ME.

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