Jeffrey robbed

Vocal Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Secretary General Glezelder Jeffrey was on Thursday robbed of money and various items in Nkhotakota district.

Jeffrey who is also Member of Parliament for Nkhotakota South East was robbed at Nkhotakota Executive Lodge on the night of Thursday  hours after speaking at a rally held by President Peter Mutharika.

Jefrrey: Robbed

Nkhotakota police station spokesperson Williams Kaponda told Malawi24 that the thief went away with K1.3 million cash and other items.

“Jeffrey went to the lodge and she slept in room number one. She later discovered that the window to her bedroom was open, and a handbag, a purse and a small handbag were all hooked outside through the window which had no window catchers.

“A total sum of K1,300,000 got stolen, nine DPP scarfs and two dresses valued at K35,000 each were also stolen,” Kaponda told Malawi24.

According to the publicist, the scene of crime was visited and breaking was confirmed. The hooking stick was also found at the scene.

“A diary, a purse and small handbag were found outside the room but without cash. So far no arrest has been made,” Kaponda said.



  1. I don’t know whether we should believe that or not, I don’t think a normal person can walk with such a big amount of money in the purse, may be it’s a trick, wherever the money was supposed to go she should pay back, our parent are suffering in the villages because of people like these, God really punishes people in different ways, you must learn a lesson

  2. Olemera opusa uyu.osaikako ndalama kumpamba bwanji?achita bwino kumubera.okuba anzake amamuberanso.

  3. Koma ndalamazo analinazodi kapena anapatsidwa kutiagawire anthu ndiye iyeyo ndi trick kuti atenge ndalamazo. Police must investigatebe properly. Amatikaikitsa amenewa

  4. Those are excellent and professional thieves keep on pursuing good khaulitsani mbavazi ndalama zathu zimenezo mankhwala akusowa iwe ukupezeka ndi K1.300 cash next is the first lady

  5. Why she slept at the lodge? Yet she’s at her MP opanda chitukuko osamanga manyumba kwanu.a big lesson learnt. Anyway where was the security guard at the lodge??

  6. Hahahaha some stories koma.. Mwati how much in cash?.. Mwina sinamvese how can someone have such a good some of money in hand kukagona nayo ku lodge .. Ati after speaking at the rally Kikikik.. Tangonenani kuti mkufuna gogo wanuyi akupasenikoniso Machenji anaba aja. Nosense

  7. Political leaders hanging out with such money in hand bags while our pple are starving waiting to b given handouts during campaign rallies. Shame on you. If these thieves had all you have bn promising them, they would respect you instead of stealing from you. In this case they just got what u promise them every rally day.

  8. That’s wonderful, hw come having 1.3m cash instead putting that money to the bank.

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