CSOs want ACB boss to resign

Malawi Corruption

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) under the tag Human Rights Defenders Coalition have demanded the immediate resignation of Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director for clearing President Peter Mutharika in the police food ration scam.

CSOs to hold demos on Sept 7

According to the coalition, ACB’s top official Reyneck Matemba is noted to have sided with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) by clearing Mutharika.

Malawi Corruption
Matemba wanted out of ACB.

The coalition’s Vice Chairperson Gift Trapence said Matemba must resign following contradictory reports that the Bureau released on the food ration deal that involved Pioneer Investment and the ruling DPP through Mutharika.

“We have lost trust in him, he is politically manipulated, he is siding with the government, because we have two different reports coming from the same institution,” said Trapence.

He added that the coalition wants Matemba to tell the nation how ACB cleared the president when the report clearly states that Mutharika personally benefited from the deal.

A leaked document from ACB showed that Mutharika received through a DPP account K145 million from Pioneer Investment, money that was claimed to be a donation.

The leaked report put Mutharika on the spotlight of criticism for getting money from a dubious contract.

His Party then announced the money was to be returned to Karim but civil society organisations want the money returned to Malawians.



  1. Hello Mr Matemba, would you please resign from ACB? You are not fit to head this institution because you are not a professional who cannot be trusted! Why do u act like a judge in corruption cases? Your duty is to investigate and take cases to court on behalf of Malawians not clearing yo masters! Remember Mr Chikakwiya was involved in similar case, despite him paying back the money he spent a few years in jail! What about Botomani and his cohort, are they clear as well? Don’t take Malawians for granted, we are watching! Take care!

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