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Mozambique arrests Malawians for fishing on L. Malawi

A man was attacked by a crocodile on the lake

Mozambican Police arrested Malawian fishermen for fishing on Mozambican waters on Lake Malawi.

The 60 fishermen were arrested last week and the Mozambican authorities also confiscated the fishermen’s fishing gear.

According to reports, the fishermen were released last weekend following the intervention of Malawian authorities.

However, seven boats confiscated by the Mozambicans have not been returned to the fishermen.

Mozambique says the fishing gear will be given back to the fishermen once they pay a K5 milllion fine meted on them for illegally using the Mozambican waters.

Lake Malawi is located between Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania. Mozambique owns a portion of the lake whose shoreline is in its borders while Malawi owns the rest of the lake.