Chitipa DC pushes for Multiparty Liaison meeting

District Commissioner (DC) for Chitipa, Michael Chimbalanga is planning to call all political parties in the district and hold a liaison conference to map the way forward for voter registration campaign scheduled for 8th to 21st October this year amid reluctance by political parties to start the campaign.

According to Chimbalanga, the move is aiming at making a historical turn-up of people from the beginning up to the end (8th to 21st October 2018) once the registration comes to the district.

Chimbalanga pushing for the meeting.

“We haven’t seen much of these political parties conducting sensitization campaign in our district, therefore, the agenda of the meeting is to urge them to come out and start these awareness campaign meetings because they are the direct beneficiaries for the whole process, without voters, they cannot be in power”, said Chimbalanga.

He (Chimbalanga) however did not indicate the date for the meeting but said the process is currently under away and it will be very soon before September.

During the face to face interview with this MEC reporter on Tuesday morning of 14th August, 2018 Chimbalanga also applauded, National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) Trust for its effort in sensitizing people in the district who has already started carrying out some campaign on behalf of these political parties.

Other stake holders who are also doing their best to make sure that people should be fully aware about the registration process are the Constituency Civic Voter Education Assistants (CCVEA’s) who are operating in all the 193 Constituencies across the country under Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC).

The main opposition political party, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) is the only party seen active recently in some two weeks ago sensitizing people about the importance of the voter registration during their political rallies held in the district where its second vice president Harry Mkandawire took the leading role in sensitizing the party followers, saying the only way of putting MCP into power begins with registration.