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Bushiri trending with #TweetLikeProphetBushiri

Bushiri helping ECG stampede victims

South Africa based Malawian prophet Shepherd Bushiri is trending on Twitter.

Twitter users are posting memes using the hashtags #TweetLikeBushiri and #TweetLikeProphetBushiri in an effort to mock the prophet for saying obvious things in his prophecies and his followers for believing them.

According to some of the tweets, the prophet’s followers are still loyal to Bushiri even though he is accused of making false prophets or making obvious statements.

“Followers: Go deeper papa Bushiri: You go to the toilet everyday #TweetlikeBushiri,” tweeted Takalani Monyai.

“Bushiri : there’s a door at your household Follower : # TweetLikeBushiri,” said Sbonga Mathobela

#TweetLikeProphetBushiri Pregnant woman comes for prophecy Bushiri : You child is either a boy or a girl,” said another Twitter user.