Child rape still rampant, two convicted

Rape Malawi

Two men aged 39 and 24 have been sent to jail for raping girls aged 8 and three respectively.

The 39 year old man identified as Frackson Stork committed the offence in Lilongwe while the other man attempted to rape the girl in Blantyre.

According to Kanengo Police publicist, Esther Mkwanda, Stork raped the 9 year old girl while she was playing around his house on 1st May this year.

Rape MalawiHe was charged with defilement but pleaded not guilty to the charge and Kanengo police prosecutor Sub Inspector John Bottoman paraded five witnesses who testified against him.

 In his submission before sentencing, Bottoman pleaded with the court to give the rapist a stiff punishment that would deter other would be offenders.

When passing judgement, her worship first grade magistrate Diana Mangwana concurred with Bottoman saying defilement has great negative impact on the victim. She therefore sentenced him to 11 years imprisonment with hard labour.

 Frackson Stork hails from Chitondo village in the area of Traditional Authority Kuntaja in Blantyre.

 In a related development, Midima court has convicted and sentenced George Wilson to 8 years imprisonment with hard labour for the offence of attempted defilement.

 The state prosecutor Inspector Christopher Daluni, told the court that the convict on April 4 this year tried to rape a 3-year old girl in BCA Township.

 It is reported that on this material day, the victim’s neighbours was passing by the unfinished house and saw George Wilson on top of the minor.

 After noticing that he had been caught pants down, Wilson pulled up his pair of trouser and started running away.

 The community members were mobilised and managed to arrest the convict who was residing in the same area

 Police issued her a medical form for medical examination and the results showed that she was not defiled hence the offence of attempted defilement which contravenes section 138(2) of the penal code.

 George Wilson denied the charge in court and this prompted the prosecutor to parade five witnesses who testified against him.

 The presiding senior resident magistrate Hussein Ibrahim found him guilty and slapped him with an 8-year custodial sentence to deter others from committing similar offences.

 In mitigation, Wilson said that he is suffering from high blood pressure and asked the magistrate to be lenient when passing judgement but this did not please the prosecutor who prayed for a stiff sentence by saying such cases are rampant in the area.

 The 24 year old convict comes from Chiswe village in Traditional Authority Machinjiri Blantyre.