Malawi blood sucking scandal: Police dismiss the rumors

Blood suckers Malawi

The Malawi Police has dismissed claims that bloodsuckers have resurfaced and are looming around in Mulanje for their victims.

Blood suckers Malawi
Lynch mob in Blantyre last year (file collage)

Police spokesperson, James Kadadzera, told one of the local papers that the allegations are unfounded.

“We have arrested two people in connection with these false rumours. We have arrested one person for giving false information that he was sucked blood but medical reports indicated that he was not,”‘ Kadadzera has been quoted as saying by the Daily Times.

Widespread rumours surrounding bloodsuckers last year caused panic and chaos across the country, resulting in the death of 10 people who were murdered in cold blood by the lynch mob.

As a result of the attacks, the United Nations and U.S. embassy blacklisted several districts in Southern Malawi as dangerous zones.