Dyson Gonthi quits MCP

Dyson Gonthi

As days are drawing closer to Malawi’s sixth elections, politicians are still repositioning themselves with the latest movement of former Malawi Congress Party (MCP) director of recruitment Dyson Gonthi.

Gonthi on Wednesday announced that he has quit MCP for the newly formed United Transformation Movement (UTM).

Dyson Gonthi
Gonthi: I have joined UTM.

Speaking with the local media, the politician said he has made the decision to join UTM claiming MCP has lost direction ahead of the next year’s tripartite election.

“I am here to let people know that I have come out of Malawi Congress Party and I have joined UTM. This is done due to what people has thought about my position where am an MP aspirant.

“In fact, I do not regret because ever since I started going there for campaigning, I have never had an opportunity to handle meetings as it could be. I have only managed to meet several leaders in the constituency but with no real enthusiasm,” he said.

He continued to say that MCP is full of politicians who have fear of the unknown and added that’s the reason he decided to defect claiming he cannot associate with people who are afraid of nothing.

He added that UTM is his home claiming that there are people in the movement who he knows.

Gonthi further said he is only seeking success in as far as good governance is concerned and added that he wants to work with UTM and deal with several things which according to him are affecting Malawians.

This is coming days after several well known politicians as well as soccer legend Kinnah Phiri joined the movement.



  1. A gonthi mwalamba nanuso, muli ndi chiyani chomwe chingathandize MCP, ngati mukuganiza kuti mutha kuwina uphungu under UTM ku Ntchisi, mwauponda, ndipo sudzaunyantha u MP under other party ticket apart from that of MCP. Mark my words you will regret

  2. Hamba kahle old man Gonthi anthu opanda masonphenya mu MCP sitikuwafuna chifukwa pamene tikulowa mboma next year…..

  3. Gamba kahle old man Gonthi anthu opanda masonphenya mu MCP sitikuwafuna chifukwa pamene tikulowa mboma next year…..

  4. Fare yea well old man..MCP does not want people who doesn’t know what they want for they will confuse supporters outside there..after you all useless things are out of MCP…we will left with visionaries ready to work with Dr Lazaraus Chakwera the chosen one, to build our lovely nation of Malawi…..byee Daisoni gonthi…MCP bona 2019 beyond

  5. Ntate Dyson, what did u do when u saw that people do not have the enthusiasm? As a leader u shud have brought it to the attention of the MCP leadership of what is happening when u go out there. Dumping a Party for a new Party is not a new thing in Malawi. Come 2019 u will be jobless as MCP will win the elections. I feel sorry for u as u have lost direction urself. Thank u for going out of the party as u were a big hindrance. UTM is just excited now and after 2019 they will be limping. Ask PP and the small Parties. I rest my case.

  6. Bwana Gonthi just go to gulu la zizudzo komweko. You seem to be a very bitter person for nothing. Work hard otherwise you will also lose primaries ku UTM. We love you and trust you will come back to MCP by January 2019.

  7. So sorry for that matter you are misleading yourself and your minds are not constructive. All what I can say that’s what Greedy is all about. ……why can’t you just come up with constructive ideas to help and support the team to meet up with what you think it would leady you to victory than splitting. . …Lacking Love to build a strong Tower. …Malawian are now clever and alert. Take care my fellow brothers and sisters so to all the elderly parents and youth. Action speak louder than words…..some of the politicians are parasites they are not helping but to help themselves. I WILL NOT FORGET TO WHAT OUR FATHER SAID IT’S WAR …..DEMOCRACY NOW I HAVE WITNESSED IT POLITICAL AND POLITICIANS ARE BUSY FIGHTING EACH OTHER INSTEAD OF CHANGING THE WAY OF LIFE AND WORK OUT HOW TO GET THE NATION TO MEET THE NEEDS OF THE MALAWIAN. CHECK IT OUT. ….I THINK IT WOULD BE GOOD TO SEE AND LEARN FROM THE NEIGHBOURING ZAMBIA THEIR POLITICS IS ENCOURAGING AND BRILLIANT. VULUATE THE STANDARD OF SERVICE AND LIVING BEFORE DEMOCRATS AND AFTERWARDS. ….AND SEE WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE ENTIRE NATION FROM NORTH TO SOUTH WEST TO EAST OF COUNTRY ANY ACHIEVEMENT. AND VISION 2020 IS ALMOST KNOCKING ON THE DOOR. WELL LET CALL IT A SPADE IS A SPADE. CHECK OUT. …..CONCERNED.

  8. Sindikuona chothandiza chomwe agonthi angachite awona liti Kuti mcp ndi yamantha? Anyani kuchoka nphiri lina kupita ku phiri lina sasanduka nkhosa.

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