CSO wants court to fire Speaker Msowoya


A civil society organisation called Forum for National Development (FND) has asked the High Court in Blantyre to fire Speaker of National Assembly Richard Msowoya for joining the United Transformation Movement (UTM).

Saulos Chilima Richard Msowoya

Msowoya (left)

Through its lawyer Bob Chimkango, FND wants Msowoya stopped from exercising or continuing to exercise his duties as Speaker of Parliament saying he left the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and joined another organisation which is political in nature hence crossed the floor.

In its application, FND has named the National Assembly as second defendant saying Parliament should not recognize Msowoya as Speaker and should stop giving him privileges or rights accorded to the Speaker.

According to an affidavit by Chimkango, FND says Msowoya who is also Member of Parliament for Karonga Nyungwe has crossed the floor and his seat is supposed to be declared vacant as required by Section 65 of the Constitution of Malawi.

Hearing of the application will be held before Judge Tembo on August 28, 2018, according to the Registrar of the High Court.



  1. A Msowoya sankafunidwa kale ku MCP i remember well anachotsedwapo kale mu chipanichi pamodzi ndi a Kabwila Jessie ngakhale anakakamira ma stay order nkhani ndiyoti iwowo ku MCP yawo inauma nde sipaja munthu akachita kuchotsedwa ali ndi ufulu osapanga step down from his position or power?osamangothamangira awo atule pansi udindo alipotu ambiri makamaka ma legislators amene amasiya zipani zawo kupita kwina koma sachotsedwa udindo

  2. Why section 65 now? Just because he didn’t join your dirty poor regional/tribal party? Let us fire all the good for nothing members of parliament affected by this section then fire all involved in corruption deals, Msowoya should be the last to face the chop. Malawians We should strive to eradicate this generation of politicians and put in new emerging political figures come 2019! Tilira mpaka liti? Anthu awa ndi amodzi treading in various political groupings! We are generally disappointed with how you have tortured us for the past 4 years!

  3. They are just westing time coz utm was not in the elections and joing a group or a party wich was not there during elections is not an offence so no cross the frow

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