ACB concludes Mutharika’s K145 million scandal

Renecks Matemba ACB

The Malawi Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has concluded its investigations into the alleged fraud at Malawi Police Service involving Pioneer Investments which has dragged President Peter Mutharika’s name through the mud.

A leaked investigative report revealed that Pioneer Investments – a firm owned by an Asian-born Malawian businessman Zameer Karim deposited K145 million ($203,000) as a ‘gift’ into an account belonging to the ruling party and of which President Peter Mutharika is the sole signatory. The deposit was made soon after the Malawi police had paid the business magnet K2.8 billion ($4 million) payment.

Anti-Corruption Bureau boss Renecks Matemba, who refused to divulge detailed information on the findings told local papers that the Bureau is currently strategising on the next course of action.

“We concluded our investigations last week. I cannot tell you the internal processes which has to be followed as we decide our next course of action. There is a law which parliament made for the bureau to use in whatever we do,” he has been quoted as saying.

Despite DPP and President Mutharika promising to pay back the gift following growing public pressure, Karim maintains his innocence.


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