Women buried alive in Dowa


Two women have died after a manmade hole of clay soil collapsed and buried them alive in Dowa.

Police have identified the victims as Evelyn Lucas aged 38 and Namoyo Mwangeyi aged 45 both of village, Makombe in the area of Traditional Authority Chiwere in Dowa district.

MalawiAccording to Dowa police station’s Public Relations Officer Sergeant Richard Mwakayoka Kaponda, the sudden death of the two women occurred on 31st July at Kagwada dambo in the district.

Kaponda said a woman reported that together with nine other women including the two victims she went to fetch clay soil from the dambo for decorating their mud built houses.

At the site, they collected loose soil but the two wanted to fill their sacks with more soil and they entered the manmade mud hole which suddenly gave way, collapsed and buried the two alive.

Their colleagues tried to dig them out of the heavy soil but found them already dead.

The scene was visited by police CID officers who ordered immediate closure of the site.

Postmortem was conducted at the Dowa District Hospital and the cause of death was pronounced as due to massive haemorrhage caused by internal injuries. No foul play was suspected and burial was ordered.



  1. Poverty remains the cause of the death. My Malawi, my Leaders, only POLITICIANS are benefiting from the houses subsidy.

  2. Our police will always wait for something catastrophey to happen in order to act.

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